About pollution,particle matters, PM2.5, Beijing vs. Shanghai and other cities - Part 2

In this second part we are going to compare pollutions levels (pm2.5) between the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Paris. We reused the data extracted in the previous post and we build simple visualisation to compare for each day, which city is the worse. Surprisingly (for french), Paris is not always the bet to live and there are some days, pollution is worse there than Shanghai or Beijing. Overall Process : Get data : from US embassy PM2.

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Web-scraping of weather data with rvest package

We have a project aiming at Air Quality Predictions (see other posts on the same topic) from past air quality data and weather conditions. In a previous post we have downloaded air quality data for Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Paris. In this post we will get the associated weather data using web scrapping. There are several options for weather report website providing historical hourly data for weather station :

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