3D annimation about Measles in USA

In a previous post, we published some data vizualisations (heat map and maps) inspired by an article of The Wall Street Journal about the impact of measles vaccine in the USA. We are now going to present an alternative visualization based on 3D plots. Such plots are not always the best for data vizualisation but they are still interesting, especially when they are annimated.

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The impact of vaccines, case of Measles in USA

The Wall Street Journal has published in 2015 an set a of data visualization to illustrate the impact of vaccines on the USA population (DeBold & Freedman - 2015). This article presents heat maps across all 50 USA states for various conditions. For most conditions, such as measles, polio, rubella, the effect of the vaccine is very visible. In this post we are going to replicate the analysis and attempt to generate similar heat maps.

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